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イランの詩人パヤム・フェイリ、イスラエルへ亡命申請 首にはダビデの星の入れ墨も

イランの同性愛詩人、敵対国に亡命=「隠して生きたくない」-イスラエル 時事通信





Meet the Gay Iranian Poet Who Has Taken Refuge in an Unlikely Place: Israel [TIME]

March 3, 2016

Payam has also long been interested in Israel, the “forbidden fruit” of a country—a trait that earned him additional suspicion at home. “There’s something very important about the Jewish people’s history. The Holocaust is why this country exists.” He was not scared of expressing such views even in interviews in Iran. “I used to say that if I could leave Iran I hoped to go to Israel,” he tells me, smiling. “I was stupid, really stupid! But don’t get me wrong—I love my stupidity! I would do it again. I have no regrets.”

“My poems are nothing for them to fear, but they fear everything,” he wrote of the Iranian government in a speech for a campaign called I Am Payam to raise funds to publish his collection of love poems called White Field. In them, he writes mournings for Iran’s imprisoned activists, tributes to a deceased lover, and of his own inner battles. But at the same time, Feili, who has suffered from health problems related to stress and depression, had been interred in a mental hospital.

“Oh! How I drift like you Boy
Oh! How I anguish like you Boy

Leaving brings sorrow
Staying brings sorrow
Loitering in these abandoned streets brings sorrow

I grieve for my morning paper, vilified
I grieve for my books, bowdlerised”


Payam Feili

At the end of 2015, Feili visited Israel as a guest of the Israeli Ministry of Culture. The visit was organized with help of culture and sport minister Miri Regev and interior minister Silvan Shalom, who issued a special permit, due to travel restrictions on the entry of Iranian citizens.

 In 2016, Feili applied for asylum in Israel, which he described as an “interesting, beautiful and amazing” place. He says Israel is "not just another country. For me it’s like a fairytale place.” In March 2016, Feili's visa have been extended to allow him to stay while asylum request is being proceeded.